Jagungal Wilderness Huts Kosciuszko National Park 68kms 4 days -

Okeefe's Hut Jagungal Wilderness -

Mt Jagungal or often just known as Jagungal even (Big Bogong)

Is a mountain within the Jagungal Wilderness Area, the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.

With an elevation of 2,061 metres above sea level, Mount Jagungal is recorded as the 7th highest mountain in Australia, it stands alone and is visible for many Kilometres in all directions, same goes for the view at the summit.

A fabulous Easter Long Weekend away with a group of Aussie Explorers down in the Jagungal Wilderness

Day 1 - 19/4/19, drive from Sydney to Adaminaby stay overnight -

I took the 5/ 6 hour drive to Adaminaby and all was going well until I literally hit a road block just north of Campbletown going south on the M1. There was nothing to explain why as no accident just the mass exodus out of Sydney for the Easter period, it did not fully clear until just north of Mittagong. Adamindaby is a very small town on the Snowy Mountains Highway which is 50kms from Cooma, its known originally for its gold mining days but more recently for Trout.

Tonight I was staying at the Selwyn Star Hotel with a few others in our group and dinner was at the Local BOWLO -

Church at Adaminaby

Day 2 - 20/4/19, drive to Round Mountain trail head about 1 hour, walk into Jagungal Wilderness Area and on to Derschkos Hut (1650m) 15km

Easter Saturday, Markets are set up in town and its all happening and the bakery is the first shop open and their sales are already going through the roof -

09:00 is our rendezvous to meet in front of the bakery and have a group briefing session before we ahead off in our cars to the Round Mountain Trail Head and start, which is about 1 hour drive away.

Wow on arrival the car park was already absolutely jammed packed with easter hikers, we saddle up with packs on our backs and head onto the old trail which leads us into the Jagungal Wilderness and one of the first views was Mt Jagungal at the locked gate - The next few days this mountain was to be the centre piece of the landscape we were going to be walking in. It was a relatively easy and undulating at best hike to Deschkos Hut and we arrived at the hut just after 3pm.

With not much room around the hut we sort for a flat area and view of Mt Jagungal up on a little ridge and under some snow gums with a already well formed fire ring.,Yep this is camp for the night. Problem being we just have to live with 20 local Canberrans that decided to plonk right next to us.

Awesome night around the camp fire and with the Full Moon Rising over Mt Jagungal on a clear night, I pictured nothing more perfect than the silhouette of the mountain and someone standing up there as the Moon rose above its peak - if only i had a 1200mm lens...

Our Camp site for the night, which had awesome views opposite to Mt Jagungal

Day 3 - 21/4/19, Deschkos Hut (1650m) to Grey Mare Hut and on to Valentines hut 18km

As first light was known there was also mist that had settled in the valley in front and to the left of us, By 08:30 we were off to the intersection of Gray Mare trail and to the point where 5 of the group took the opportunity to climb Mt Jagungal while the rest of us continued onto Grey Mare Hut and then to pick up the track to Valentine Hut.

After several creek crossings which delayed us a bit, we had to do another 7kms of which for some reason I was not expecting it. a 200 hundred meter climb followed by 50 meter ascent/ decent and then finally a decent over 2kms down to Valentine Hut.

Once we arrived there was even less room around the hut than the previous night, so after umming and arrring I said right Iam going into the hut. 7 of us ended up staying in the hut which was a novelty experience and the rest of the group managed to find a little clearing to the left as you descend down to the creek.

Another fun night around the camp fire

Time for bed but my nightmare of spiders continues as in the top right corner above my head there is a spider, ok ok harmless but iam not having it drop on me, so "quietly" I go with a cup scrapping the wall and then to reach for a newspaper to cover the cup to throw the spider out side and then waking up to a rat racing around the ceiling above me at 05:00 in the bunk bed was a bonus.

Valentine Hut

Day 4 - 22/4/19, Valentine Hut (1700m) to Okeefe's Hut 21km

08:00 departure and we were to re trace our steps back to the main crossing we did before the 200m ascent, after a few more short creek crossing we were back at the trail head of Valentine / and Grey Mare. today we walked this section much quicker then the day before as we were walking at our own individual pace and not stopping at each and every crossing for some people to put their shoes 'n' socks back on.

Once we re grouped here for a break we were to continue re tracing our steps until the Grey Mare and Okeefe's Hut intersetion, here we were to continue for another 5kms around part of Mt Jagungal and then slightly north east to Okeefe's Hut.

We arrived at this gorgeous corrugated iron hut with a few hours of day light and a great time to relax as the sun was making the impending grey clouds look rather threatening. The weather front that came in passed right around us thankfully. Some took to having dinner inside the old wooden rustic hut while others remained around the camp fire chatting, laughing and playing games.

Day 5 - 23/4/19, Walk out from Okeefe's (1650m) Hut to Round Mountain Trail head and car 14km

Another early 08:00 start, our tents were absolutely wet from the clear night and the dew that had settled but there is no time to dry them so in it goes all rolled up in the bottom of the pack.

After our group photo with the hut it was off and the goal was to make the cars around 12:30 ish

with a undulating start and then picking up the Farm Ridge Trail as it left the grey Mare Trail, it was undulating in elevation until we reached the height of 1600m before our descent down to Tumut River at 1300m and our final crossing. After our break it was a steep 200m ascent over some switch back climbs as we reached Round Mountain Hut.

Round Mountain Hut, filled with rustic character, a awesome fire place and a outside toilet with a view of Mt Jagungal.

Finally there was only another 2 n a bit kms to go, another 100m ascent as we picked up the the Round Mountain Trail and Locked gate where we stared and then our cars.

Tumut River

Round Mountain Hut

It was then back to Adaminaby and the trusty bakery with a sudden influx of 20 hungry hikers. I then decided to stay another night at Selwyn Star with Beatrice and Roozbeh as we had our own little easter over a bottle of wine and surprisingly a really nice Thai meal at the Snowy Goose Pub.

The next day for me it was a onward journey to Bright in Victoria via Cabramurra and through the Murray valley.

Snowy Mountains Highway

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

Yours In Adventure

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