Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu Coast South Australia

The view from the bluff looking south east down the Fleurieu Coast

After arriving at Adelaide airport I collected my hire car from Europcar and headed off for a quick view at Mt Lofty lookout.

This was supposed to be quick visit on a beautiful clear day but my camera started doing some weird things such as , permanently stuck on P mode as you would set your Aperture or TV (Shutter) it would flash through a sequence of settings until you pressed the shutter button.

Never experienced anything like this before, so as I re set the factory settings and decided to take it to Teds Cameras which I thought would be a Non event, as it turned out it was just that because as I arrived in store BOOM yep it was working again.

before this was transpiring the thought was to drive to Murray Bridge and then down to Albert lake on the Fleurieu Coast, I scrapped that idea as midday was fast approaching and headed straight down to Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Encounter Bay

Victor Harbour which is situated about 80km South East of Adelaide Australia -

the drive down to the Fleurieu Peninsula to either Victor Harbor or Cape Jarvis is nothing short of spectacular as you drive past the Mclaren Vale Winery's, low lying rangers to your left and the ocean appearing to your right.

Victor harbor is a coastal town in South Australia, made famous for the waterfront, horse drawn trams that cross to granite island, Gateway to the Murray River Wetlands, Southern Right Wales and the Heysen trail which runs across the Fleurieu Peninsula to Cape Jervis.

Victor Harbor also adds some relaxation before the onward journey to either cape Jervis (this is not the direct route from Adelaide to Cape Jervis) which is the crossing point for all ferries going to kangaroo Island. Or if you fancy a drive further South East around Lake Alexandrina to Lake Albert and further onto Coorong National park. This region offers a great road trip and further more its not loaded with tourist.

The drive right before you arrive into Victor Harbor poses some fantastic views of the coast, looking right out to the Bluff at Encounter Bay and left down to the Fleurieu Coast

be sure to stop at this lookout pictured below.

Encounter Bay and the Bluff in the distance

As I arrived into the town of Victor Harbor I literally drove straight out over to Encounter Bay and then hiked around the Bluff, which has amazing green pastured coastal views that abruptly end in the ocean.

It was then back to town to where i took the walk across the Causeway to Granite Island -

Granite Island, also known by the Ramindjeri people as Nulcoowarra, is a small island adjacent Victor Harbor either accessed by a horse drawn tram. It is known for a shore based whaling station on the island in the 1830's.

It's was well worth taking a few hours to walk around this island as you might not only enjoy some amazing views but you might be lucky to see some little penguins or the islands local bird life. For a better chance to see the beautiful little penguin you might want to do a penguin tour of Granite Island via -

Back in town take some time to discover the South Australian Whale centre and depending what time of year you may be lucky to spot one out on the ocean or even the bay.

A nights rest in this quite South Australian coastal Town at the Grosvenor Hotel, budget style accommodation set in a old building with pub food below and a short walk to the beach for sunrise.

Pacific Gull Encounter bay

Boulders Granite Island

Granite Island Causeway

Granite Island

Granite Island Boulders

Sunrise (great Australian Bight)

Granite island Causeway

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

Yours In Adventure

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