Bangkok in one Day -

Bangkok in one Day

I started out at the X2 Vibe Hotel (Phra Khanong - Sukumvit) on foot and took a anything goes and where ever I may end up approach. Walking along Sukumvit Road it hit me SMACK in the face, the morning perfume of pollution, road side stalls setting up for the day ahead and the manic traffic already moving like a can of worms, it was cloudy but a stinker was certainly on the cards.

By 9am i arrived at Siam District shopping centre and I was not going to wait for 10am opening so i walked on. It didn't take me long before I started sampling various street stalls and these chilli loaded "snacks" ended up being my breakfast and lunch.

As often as it is when Iam travelling by myself in a foreign city i like to be exploring on foot though I think I underestimated how much of a urban sprawl Bangkok actually is.

It wasn't before long a Thai local approached me and handed over a tourist map of the city and he insisted as he explained that it was a buddhist holiday to visit various temples as it was a day of celebration and many of them were free. He then hailed down a Tuk Tuk driver and I had him on a reduced rate in a way of promoting Bangkok in a positive way and in a effort in bringing back tourists to Thailand.

My Driver took me to the Lucky Buddha,

I was also told to stop off at the Thai Silk / Suit Factory and at the time I thought it was a shop of traditional Thai silk clothing - Well wasn't I wrong when I walked in,

It was simply like walking into a Taylor, Samples of suits lined the perimeter of the room - Over a short discussion and the material looks of very high standard and would be at my hotel by 4pm But I go I don't really wear suits and turn for the exit as quickly as possible.

I then take the Tuk Tuk to the river front and are taken to the long Boat Cruise departure point - I don't have 1200 Baht in cash so we take the drive through some busy traffic to some back street and ultimately to a tourist booking centre that does did not resemble and tourist booking centre.

I arrived back to the Long tail Boat Wharf for a 1.5 hrs cruise through the canals, including a 20 minute stop at the floating markets.

the long tail boat was great as it was only myself and a Canadian couple in the Boat, With a quick cross over the river and entry into the canals we soon reached to Floating Markets. I enjoyed the stop albeit too brief, as there were some tradition Thai food and snacks on offer. as it was extremely busy at the wharf we had a further 20 minute wait time for our boat arrive in position to pick us up -

We were finally off again through the very colourful canals

and eventually came out to cross the river again and arrive at the Grand Palace Precinct, I Walk past a series of tourist shops and upon talking to a shop owner which attempts to recommend to me one of his products and his second recommendation is the Thai silk Suit Factory - (by then I had worked it out that there must be a secret plan to lure tourist to leave with a suit.

A short time later I arrive at a wharf for the 4 baht return ferry ride to Wat Arun Temple

Wat Arun Temple -

Wat Arun (Temple of dawn) is one of Thailand's most famous landmark and religious sites, The Wat Arun is best known for its Prang / tiled spire on the Chao Phra river. the temples name comes from the Hindu god Aruna which dates back to the Ayutthaya Period.

A very popular temple and a must on any day spent in Bangkok

its a 50 Baht entry fee into the main temple

the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is in the heart of Bangkok and near the Chao Phra River. The palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782. The king, his court and his royal government were based on the grounds of the palace until 1925

Its 500 Baht for foreigners and fee for Thai

There is some amazing history and architecture with Both of these temples and well worth the visit, avoid the rush hours as it can be extremely busy. easily 1/ 2 hours can be spent at the grand Palace.

Wat Arun Temple

Grand Palace

Some street walking to the Giant Swing then a Taxi ride back to the X2 Vibe Hotel

A shower was what i needed followed by some down time and then dinner, a train ride was taken followed by some walking until we found some local street food, small eatery precinct. on the menu for me was a lemon grass whole fish

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

Yours In Adventure

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