Bumthang Owl Trek

This trek was completed between day 5 and day 8 of a 9 night tour of Central Bhutan 12/7/18 - 14/7/18 -

Bumthang Owl 3 Day Trek -

Bhutan / Eastern Himalayas

Day 1

We Begin our three day trek in the Bumthang valley @ 2900m, after arriving at Manchugang and watching our guides preparing the final touches to our gear that the "Pack Horses" were to carry - shortly after we headed off UP the long meandering hill and Continue the trek through the blue pine forest - Lunch is called on this open patch of grass, a beautiful hearty Bhutanese lunch and we were off through the forrest once again and finally 1.5hrs later we reached our camp at Schonath (3450m) above the juniper forest.

A Grand view presented itself through the valley of where we just previously came and to the right of the mess tent is the ridge we are to climb up and over the next day.

Day 2

was UP UP through huge temperate trees, such as spruce, hemlock, fir, birch and rhododendrons - this is the real wilderness of Bhutan -

Not before long I was feeling a bit light headed and short of breath, (effect of altitude) so the back of the pack i go and take each small step and go UP AND UP slow deep breaths - I took anything that was given to me from fellow trekkers in a bid to rid what I was feeling.

Thankfully as I was climbing right before lunch I was feeling fine and ready for some nutritious camp food prepared from our guides - (food is amazing)

Drangela Pass (3600m)

After lunch we then pushed on for another 1/ 1.5hrs passing high alpine meadows, old Yak Houses and sweeping views down the valley to the right. We then pushed on and after ascending Kitiphu Ridge we arrived at camp for the night (4000m)

Sadly the the cloud was our friend for the whole trip, otherwise we would have had amazing views of snow capped Himalayan Mountains.

I decided my efforts were not enough during the day and after arriving at camp I climbed another 500m to reach the top of Kitiphu, A huge prayer flag was set up on the higher and lower ends of the ridge and it was amazing to see the cloud sweep in both sides of the Kitiphu Ridge giving some ghostly like effects.

"The highest mountain of Bhutan Gangkar Punsum (7541m)

Did you know Bhutan lays claim to the highest unclimbed peak in the world - "

Day 3

Today was a super wet more morning but one that was to clear thankfully - Our walk out was only 2/ 3hrs but one that had to be enjoyed due to the amazing views we had descending down Kikila ridge which follows the traditional trekking route between Tronsga and Bumthang (Royal Heritage Trail) here you will have the best views of the monasteries of Zambhalha, Chuedak and Tharpaling. Religious life of monk hood and the historical Buddhist learning centre.

Great views of Jakar Dzong marks the end of our 3 day trek -

We were lucky with the weather as the clouds found themselves dropping the wet stuff at night, with the second day light precipitation was felt through the Canopy of the junipers. The second night we had a lot of rain and it put a dampener on our Iphone Jukebox songs around the fire , followed by all our fellow Bhutanese guides singing some amazing indigenous songs (priceless)

The guides were awesome albeit limited English, at least we had Karma - our over all tour guide to fall back on in any communication breakdown -:)

All our food was catered for and if the first days lunch was anything to go by, As for my taste buds they weren’t going to go wondering else where because the food that these awesome mountain men prepared certainly exceed my expectations and seconds were certainly on the agenda every time.

So if you are ever in Bhutan 🇧🇹 I recommend Norter Adventures

(https://www.bhutannorter.com/) and the trekking company used to experience some amazing amazing Himalayan hospitality -

A top of top of Kitiphu above the second nights camp

Beautiful high alpine growth

Yak House - Beautiful lady and her son

Stuart and our Trekking Guide

descending Kikila ridge

Yours in Adventure

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

Yours In Adventure

"This Blog is of the Opinion of my own Personal Experiences and are not necessarily Fact.. and is written to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes. This blog is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice."

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