New Norcia / Australia's only Monastic Town - Western Australia.

New Norcia - Australia's Only Monastic Town -

Coordinates: 30°57′10.8″S - 116°11′27.6 "E

Population: 101 (2016 census)

Established: 1847

Postcode: 6509


# 132 km (82 mi) N of Perth

# 56 km (35 mi) SE of Moora

Shire of Victoria Plains

State electorate: Moore

Federal Division: Durack

New Norcia is a town in Western Australia, near the Great Northern Highway. It is situated next to the banks of the Moore River, in the Shire of Victoria Plains.

The monastic town of New Norcia is built in a Spanish style of architecture, along with some other historical sites. Among these are two old boarding schools, St Ildephonsus' and St Gertrude's the Abbey Church (containing the tomb of Rosendo Salvado), an old mill, a wine press, a hotel and the monastery itself. Some interesting architecture lies on this site as for what is Australia's ONLY Monastic Town -

"What Crucified you? My Sins or your Love? "Both !! - My Love and your Sins" -

The Benedictine monks continue to occupy the monastery and are involved with most of the activities in the town. The last Spanish Benedictine monk of New Norcia died on 18 January 2010, he was aged 99. He continued to prepare the bread for the monks and olive oil up until his death.

The abbey was founded by a Spanish Benedictine, Rudesindus Salvado, on the day 1 March 1846. After spending three years with the local aboriginal people, Salvado came to the conclusion that they could be converted to Christianity. Salvado was appointed the first abbot of New Norcia on 12 March 1867.

Today thee are only 10 Monks that reside in New Norcia, they spend a few times a day in prayer and are mostly cut off from the technical gadgets the modern world is relied on - Though that being said they do have a computer...

As it was a Monday, and we had the privilege to speak to Farther Robert about the life of being a Monk and his skill was music which he was very good at playing the Piano and Pipe Organ - Seriously WOW

New Norcia is known for its products such as - freshly baked bread to a refreshing glass of Abbey Ale or a relaxing port, mmm Abbey Ale -

New Norcia Hotel -

Built in 1927 and nestled beneath gum trees on a hill overlooking the township, the Latin word Salve – Welcome – on the threshold tells you this is no ordinary country pub. The New Norcia Hotel was originally a hostel for the family of the boarders at the New Norcia colleges, but is now a practical expression of the Benedictine tradition of hospitality.

New Norcia and the Local Aboriginals -

Salvado... A Friend of the Yued People

The establishment of the Aboriginal mission at New Norcia had a massive effect on the lives of the local Aboriginal people, the Yued people of the Noongar nation. This presented with much upheaval for the Noongar people who bore the brunt of the early British colony in Western Australia.

It is said that Bishop Salvado was a friend of the Yued people. Bishop Salvado gained the trust of the Yued people who helped him and his fellow missionaries survive in the bush and to establish the mission at New Norcia.

Bishop Salvado had deep respect and interest to lean from the Aboriginal people in which he recorded the local Noongar language, culture and customs. Those records have provided important historical information about Noongar people and of being able to support the Noongar native title claims.

Its certainly well worth a trip out to New Norcia if ever in Perth/ Western Australia as a bit of rare culture in Australia's history.

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

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