The Bay Of Fires, A Trek Into Tasmanian Coastal Wilderness -

The Bay of Fire's

The Bay of Fires (indigenous: larapuna) is a bay on the northeastern coast of Tasmania in Australia,

extending from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point. The bay was given its name in 1773 by Captain Tobias Furneaux, who saw the fires of Aboriginal people on the beaches.

The Bay of Fires is a region of amazing white beaches, turquoise water and orange-hued granite (the colour of which is actually lichen). The northern section of the bay is part of Mount William National Park; the southern end is a conservation park

A wide range of activities in the Bay of Fires area, include camping, beach activities, boating, bird watching, fishing, swimming, surfing and hiking.

Another wild Tasmanian adventure -

I arrived in Launceston Friday the 16th, the day before we departed for Mussleroe. I checked into Sporties Bar and Hotel for the night, I Guess your usual Pub/ Accommodation with a interesting twist. The rooms didn't had their own internal bathrooms as they were all individually located across the hall, How's that your own Private External bathroom...

I Met Warren at the Hotel (another fellow hiker) and we set off for a few beers and a lovely Thai dinner as we chatted about the adventure ahead.

Day 1 - Musselroe to Stumpy's Bay Camping Ground - 8.4kms / 02:45hrs

Warren and i met the rest of the crew at Launceston airport at 9am - Now there are 10 of us !!! We shortly after jumped into our rental van and headed off to Scottsdale for lunch and any final supplies that anyone might have forgotten.

Finally we arrived at Musselroe right before 1pm and this is a camp ground with absolutely no facilities, its windy and the flies are already all over us. Water is going to be scarce as it was dry and any remnants of a water source was a parched puddle, Somehow I was expecting inland freshwater run offs like the Tarkine - This was sadly not the case.

So we were off on our 8.4km trek down to Stumpy's Bay camping ground, This was like the Tarkine all over again as we Trodded off south through amazing white sandy beaches.

Our first point of interest was Cap Naturaliste then several kms of untouched beaches, we had the option to set up camp twice but we decided to walk on and eventually reach Stumpy's Bay Camping Ground. A great idea in the end as the camp site was situated right near a lake which has open views to Stumpy's Bay but the savour was the camp ground had tank water also there was also a little bit or luxury (bench seats).

We all set up camp in a small intimate area under some trees and it didn't take long for the local Pademelon to find us (There goes your carrots Yen).

After Camp Diner we enjoyed a group chat under the stars by the lake before bed. Wow the galaxy seriously looks amazing -

Rainbow Stumpy's Bay

Old Salt Bed - Stumpy's Bay

Day 2 - Stumpy's Bay Camping Ground to Deep Creek Camping Ground

Morning, Wow first night on trail I don't think we had any Snoring but I had one very noisy Sea to Summit mattress next to me. (Stuart)

08:30 departure and we were off, Oh wait NO David our fearless leaders (Bladder) had leaked through a portion of his backpack. David can you please make sure it doesn't leak next time because 08:30 means 08:30.

So we walk on South of Stumpy's bay and I decide to take Stuart through a old salt bed and the only way out past the headland was to bush bash through very thick coastal shrubs, all good nothing like a few scratches and the taste of sweat first thing in the morning.

Our first real sighting of the Lichen rocks was at the southern end of Cod Bay

Jump Shot got photo bombed

From this point we were only about 5kms from Deep Creek and ultimately our Camping ground though it meant we had to cross the lake and we nicely timed

it with low tide. Plenty of Tents Sites but NO Water, again there was a water tank as this site is also used for PARK Trek (Tasmanian - trekking/ outdoors company)

Camp was Set and at 3:15 Dave yells out, anyone up for a walk to Eddystone Lighthouse (Which would be 6km one way) Mmm, iam split in two minds as yes I would love to but also the temptation of relaxing at camp and swimming in the icy water changed my mind.

So as 6 took the fire trail south to the lighthouse - Stuart, Brenda, Nikita and myself stayed back for that very chilly swim and the discussion on the rock turned into personality traits of a Physcopath, don't ask me how it got to that but from that point on we were out to identify who was the real Physcopath in our group.

19:00hrs and the 6 finally arrived back from the Lighthouse looking exhausted and not so impressed, While we ere snacking and drinking some of Nikita's Red Wine.

After diner there was some light rain that passed through around midnight but was fine for the next day.

Lichen Rocks - groupie Shot

Day 3 - Deep Creek Camping Ground to Anson's Bay / Bay of Fire's Camping Ground - 14.5kms / 7hrs

08:30 departure and this time no Bladder Issues, After 3kms on fire trail we were at the intersection of Eddystone Lighthouse and officially in the BAY of FIRE'S

this was a big day and we already knew that we were not going to take the risk and walk all the way down the northern end of Anson's Bay and risk crossing the inlet which is not that wide but into unknown depth.

Next option and this was a long troudge in walking down to the small township of Anson's Bay and trek right around the south side onto sealed and unsealed roads and then finally into the Bay of Fires Camping Ground (South side of Anson's Bay)

With us all being exhausted we didn't get into camp until 17:30, with high winds and uncertainty on where to camp as the group split to try and protect their tents from the high winds. Water again was a issue, this time to our savour was a tap (the secret tap)

A few of us then went for a wonder out to the point/ inlet and it was a beautiful afternoon with soft light for a stroll and to shoot photos before the cloud once again came rolling in that night with a bit of the liquid stuff.

Thankfully the wind died down over night though it was a bleak looking morning walking out.

Anson's Bay

Anson's Bay

Day 4 - Anson's Bay / Bay of Fires Camping Ground to Cosy Corner North

Departure at 08:30 - "Gee we are getting good at this"

Another big day - as we walk out to the southern point of the bay, we are now on a "TRACK" marked on the GPS - but there are absolutely no signs marking the "official" Bay of Fires Walk, thats fine as we are on track and we never walk too far away from it if we are on the sand or slightly inland. There was about 12kms of beach walking before we would hit the "Gardens" we only back tracked a little as we had to find a opening in the thick coastal shrubs for a way out back to the beach.

We were starting to observe a few more Lichen Rocks though nothing to what I was expecting (I think the best was saved till the end) Lunch was had in a lovely little bay, despite the breeze it was great spot to pull out your camp stove and cook up a meal.

After lunch it was another 5/6 km before we were to hit The Gardens (a coastal lookout of the Lichen Rocks) and sealed road, not so great as we then had 8kms more to hike before we would hit Cosy Corner North Camp Site.

We are tired and buggered, Amelia was racing ahead and right before the turn off to the camp site Brenda Scored a lift with a local - there for Warren Decided to jump in because he hates Road walking.

Reaching camp meant we had to find a site but we were also out of water, this time we convinced a very friendly local to give us water from their caravan.

We Grab a awesome camp site right below some coastal trees and looking North to a fabulous view, Perfect beach camping as the 9 tents fit nicely in front of a table and chairs for 2. A 4WD pulls up behind us and the passenger door opens a blonde lady with a beanie turns and her face drops in disgust - The only line that came out of her mouth that I understood Was,

"i'am going to slit all your tents tonight when you are all sleeping in them"

Charming ...

I knew the view on the north end of the beach was going to be better than previous but was amazingly surprised when I walked out to the point as it was like the LICHEN came alive. It was like a big conglomerate of massive boulders that lined the shore right around to Sloop's Reef and slightly beyond.

It was a cold night and I came back from my wonder to find that Dave and Yen had taken a taxi back to our Van which ended up being a 3hr return journey.

That ment a sleep in the next morning (yeah right) Sunrise, NO Sadly it was a little too much cloud but was still beautiful to just roll out and be right on the beach at first light

We spent the morning wondering the Lichen Rocks before packing up and leaving mid/ late morning and Guess what? The Lady / Couple had there view back and i throw my charm and ended up having a lovely chat with her.

From here it was onto to Binnalong Bay for a well earned Tea/ Coffee at the Town's only Cafe that presented sweeping views over white sand and Torquise water to where we had just hiked from as we could see right up to Eddystone Lighthouse.

This marked the official end of the Bay of Fire's Trek and Wilderness Adventure. So now it was onto a 4 hour drive to Port Sorell to where we would spend the next 2 nights.

Unfortunately this was a Fuel Stove ONLY trek as there was a fire ban all the way down the east coast of Tasmania - So NO Camp Fire's Allowed.

The Apartment at Port Sorell was at the "Dark end of Town" and was like a rabbit warren with so many bed/ bathrooms, kitchens which was split into two buildings. It turned out to be a old BP Service Station/ Garage and it was very interesting in how they converted it to a apartment with a nice outdoor and fireplace entertaining area.

Eddystone Intersection

I can't read

Anson's Bay

Groupie Shot

The Gardens

A hard slog to Cosy Corner North

Cosy Corner North

Groupie Jump Shot

Jump Shot Yen

Cool As Warren

And Finally Binnalong bay

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

Yours In Adventure

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