Pipeline Masters WSL Championship Tour Event North Shore Oahu Hawaii

Florence is carried off the beach by his fans at home. Photo: Courtesy of Steve Sherman/WSL. Hawaiian-born John ...

Jeremy Flores (FRA) claimed victory of the Billabong Pipe Masters 2017 in Pipe, (World Surf League)

Pipeline Invitational

Billabong Pipeline Masters 2017

World No 1-ranked John John Florence is the 2017 World Surf League Champion, A 2 time surfing world champion sits well with the blonde lanky kid from the 7 mile miracle on the North Shore of Oahu.

"To win at home is my dream," said Florence. "It's been a nervous buildup, but it's so awesome.

Florence's win came in front of a huge hometown crowd packing the beach Monday (finals day) at the Billabong Pipe Masters. "I learned a lot about myself this year, with all the pressure," added Florence, still processing the moment, "Gabriel [Medina] is so good out there, the last couple heats have been pretty scary."

Medina's Quarterfinal loss to spoiler Jeremy Flores sealed the deal for the Hawaiian.

With testing conditions right from the outset of the first day of the waiting period which the Pipe invitational (trials) were held for the main event. And With declining swell over the first weekend of the waiting period Monday provided a small window to run round one as best conditions proved mid/ late morning. And with a Extra Large Swell on its way for mid week, with damaging trade winds the result was several lay days in a row.

Jordy Smith

Bede Durbidge

ITS ON! Sunday 17/12/17 -

Wind had died down and surf had some what cleaned up from the maxed out swells of previous though far from the perfect A FRAMES that Pipe and Backdoor are known for.

Finally we get underway in over lapping heats to run rounds 2 and 3 in a day of trying conditions and mainly backdoor with the opportunities. The surfers that won in round 1 progressed to round three, with the losers surfing off with the winners of round 2 -

John John making the most of the smaller and not so perfect of Pipe/ backdoor looking like simply his backyard (well it is actually his backyard being a young grommet growing up here)

Owen Wright

Kelly Slater

Italo Ferreria

Monday 18/12/17 -

Rounds 3 - 4 / 5 and Finals Day - A bit of an uncertainty of it was to be Finals Day but with the final two days of the waiting period with increased swell but the return of the destructive trade winds a good decision was made.

Conditions were similar as yesterday as there were the rare few Pipeline waves and more opportunity with backdoor though far from perfect.

The pressure and excitement was on as the race for the WSL TITLE was on the line with these Surfers pushing for the Crown - John John, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson all had a chance of holding up the WSL Silverware.

As the later rounds progressed the cream shone bright and John John and Gabriel the only two left - From rounds 5 to the quarters where Medina Lost his heat the excitement and pressure was on and the crowd was loving very Monent the the two surfed their heat. Gabriel Medina was to loose his quarter final heat against Jeremy Flores -

2017 WSL CT WORLD CHAMPION IS John John Florence -

John John and Jeremy were to progress to the final of the Billabong Pipe Masters were John John was to Go Down to Jeremy of the Pipe Line Masters Crown..

Griffen Colapinto wins Vans Tripple Crown:

Its always a fantastic spectacle the finals days at the Coliseum of the world famous beach of The Banzai Pipeline, off Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea

Kanoa Igarashi

Kanoa Igarashi

Gabriel Medina

John John Florence

John John Florence

Jeremy Florres

Italo Ferreria

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

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