To the Top At The Aiguille Du Midi Mont Blanc (3842m) and Du Brevent (2525m)

Mont Blanc Aiguille Du Midi -

Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco, meaning "White Mountain", is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest in Europe west of the Russian Caucasus peaks. It rises 4,808m above sea level and is ranked 11th in the world in topographic documentation.

First ascent: 8 August 1786

Parent peak: Mount Everest

Mountain range: Alps, Graian Alps

First ascenders: Jacques Balmat, Michel-Gabriel Paccard

#Did you know: The height of Mont Blanc varies from every year as depending on the depth of the summit's snow cap, so there is no permanent elevation can be given to the mountain.

Chamonix Mont Blanc - The real top of Europe.....Admire the Glacier Des Bassons , the Aiguille Verte and the Aiguilles de Chamonix - the second cable car will take you 3777m for some awesome vantage points then the top lift where you will reach the peak (terrace) at 3842m and if your lucky to see Mont Blanc it's self at 4842m - Sadly i didn't and it wasn't until the 5th Day of our Haute Route Trek at Cabana Mont Fort, as the clouds parted on a fresh morning to see the Swiss and Italian Alps over the Mont Blanc Range.

I took the 2 Jumbo cable cars from Chamonix to the Aiguille Du Midi, as you cross the footbridge on arrival that links the North Tower with the Central Tower opposite you.... You can then go through the ice carved tunnel to access the Aiguille Du Midi Ridge. A option is to take the Panoramic Mont Blanc Gondala that will take you to Helbronner Peak in Italy (unfortunately when I was there it was in repair)

View the:

#Valle Blanche

#Rebuffat Terrace

#Mont Blanc Terrace

#Aravis Terrace

#Valley Blanche Terrace

#Chamonix Terrace

#Finally Summit area which is accessed by a lift and its 3842 Terrace

which you will view the Mont Blanc Area

Some Figures:

#2 Cable Cars

#20 min journey

#22km of hauling cables

#3 pylons, including one 70m

#2747 meters of height difference

#45km/h on the 2nd cable car

#600 persons per/ hour

#500 000 vistors per year

#2/ 3 hour visitor time

The main Swiss and Italian summits over 4000m (Cervin and Mont Rosa) and the Arvis (pointe pierced), Chablais, Genevois, Jura and Chartreuse Mountains are all Visible from the Aiguille Du Midi


With its southern facing exposure which over looks the Mont Blanc Range - The Brevent is a great starting point for many hiking destinations, including Lac Du Brevent plus many more...

I took the cable car to Planpraz 2000m then the Jumbo up to Brevent 2525m Up there for a short period of time i could see the weather closing in and within minutes i was in the cafe ordering a French dessert to wait out the rain. It stopped then i was off down the Mountain back to Planpraz 2000m then Cable Car Down to Chamonix -

Some Figures:

1 Gondola / 1 Jumbo

1095m departure of the cable car

2525m summit

650 000 visitors a year

7 chairlifts in winter

4 Ski lifts in winter


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