Movement & Low Light Photography

Movement -

In one frame of a image you can find so much amazing movement - No Photoshop editing required. Though a studio setup is required and a lighting system thats on atleast 20 bursts will give you a effect similar to what is published here.

Gear that I used:



cable release / option

24 - 70mm 2.8

Settings: 800 to 2000 ISO / 1/5 sec / f22

Low Light Ultra Violet -

As the model was painted in some nice bright colours the UV Low Light was used for some creative styles that only your imagination was present in this moment of time -

Gear that I used:

Hand Held


24 - 70mm 2.8

Settings used: ISO 800/ 1000 / f2.8 / 125 to 200sec

Indigo Photography

Norman Herfurth

Yours in Fun and Adventure

#VisitSydney #ModernArt #passion #Exposure #understandingexposure #studio #model #creative #lowlight

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