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The Grampians -

Nearest town: Halls Gap

Coordinates: 37°12′28″S 142°23′59″E

Area: 1,672.19 km2 (645.6 sq miles)

Managing authority: Parks Victoria

Website: Grampians National Park / Gariwerd

Operator Go West Tours:

In Respect to the Jardwadjali and Djab Warring language -

The Grampians National Park ( Gariwerd), commonly referred to as The Grampians, is a national park located in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. The 167,219-hectare (413,210-acre) national park is situated between Stawell and Horsham on the Western Highway and Dunkeld on the Glenelg Highway, 260 kilometres west of Melbourne and 460 kilometres east of Adelaide. Claimed as a national park on 1 July 1984, the park was finally listed on the Australian National Heritage List on 15 December 2006 for its outstanding natural beauty and being one of the richest indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia. The Grampians feature a series of sandstone mountain ranges.

Geography -

Views from the Balconies overlook into Victoria Valley - formation on the left formerly known as the Jaws of Death

The general form that the ranges take is; from the west, a series of low-angled sandstone ridges running roughly north-south. The eastern sides of the ridges, where the sedimentary layers have faulted, are steep and spectacular, beyond the vertical in places - notably at Hollow Mountain near Dadswells Bridge at the northern end of the ranges. The most popular walking area for day trippers is the Wonderland area near Halls Gap. In summer the ranges can get very hot and dry. Winter and spring are the best times for walking. The Wonderland area is also host to "The Grand Canyon" on the "Wonderland Loop" on one of the tracks to the "Pinnacle".

For me the day started when i received a wake up call at 07:10 to confirm my pickup time for 07:50 - Thanks for the call as i may have been late, if not missed the bus..... I was greeted at the Rendezvous Hotel from the very friendly guide named Peter - I was then whisked away to the mini bus and a total of 16 people were on a 3 hour journey west to the Grampians. It didn't take long to realise that Peter was clearly very good at what he did - He was very friendly and approachable, A clear winner in tourism. He narrated a lot about particular locations or points of interest so i can highly recommend Go West if you are thinking of taking part of any of their tours in Victoria -

We arrived late morning to the Grampians and our first stop was a little delicate water fall followed by lunch. After lunch the highlights of the Grampians were to be had as we visited the wonderland section of the park, where we walked into the Grampians version of the Grand Canyon then followed by Mackenzie Falls and the attempt to see two lookouts which were just whiteouts with plenty of low cloud.

The final stop for the day but not the journey was meeting the locals (kangaroos) -

I was very thankful at lunch as i mentioned to peter i wanted to spot some Kangaroos and he said, see over behind the stone structure, try there.... I did - and got much natural images of the Kangaroos than the group would have at the end of the day.

I highly recommend the tour operator if your ever in Melbourne and look to visit places such as The Yarra Valley, Phillip Island (Penguins) , Great Ocean Road and the Grampians

Yours in Adventure

Indigo Photography

Norman Herfurth

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