Queensland - from Beaches to Waterfalls

Rainbow Beach looking to Fraser Island

My arrival and departure in PARADISE was one of liquid Sunshine though the few days in between were nothing but perfect weather. lacking the WOW factor in the Sunrise Category, One day I will be there just ready n waiting.

I had a grand plan to head west of the Gold Coast, inland a little then out to the Cooloola Coast (Rainbow Beach / Fraser Coast) - Dinner at my sisters on Wednesday, OK so that was my excuse, so I re routed and headed straight up to the Cooloola Coast which is just north of Noosa, East of Gympie of about 70kms.

"I will leave the Grand Plan for another time which includes, Mt Barney / Girraween National Parks, head further west along the NSW/ QLD Border, Inland North and come out near the Cooloola Coast and keep heading further North"

From leaving the Gold Coast its approximately a 3.5/ 4 hour drive to the Cooloola Coast which Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach are the main two towns that call this beautiful stretch of coast home.... The First being known for meeting the locals, Dolphins that is - Right out at Norman Point, Thats Right Norman Point, you have the opportunity to feed the local wild Dolphins every day at 8am - I had my own personal experience, we will get to that later.

My mid afternoon arrival at Rainbow Beach led me straight to Carlo Sand Blow, some incredible views out to the coast where you can take a 4WD along the beach to Double Island Point and down south to the Coloured Sands, very popular and a great option if you are short for time and can not commit to spending much time on Fraser Island.

From Carlo Sand Blow looking out to Double island Point, here you have a view of some of the Coloured Sands but best down south from here.

From Carlo Sand blow looking down Rainbow Beach on to Inskip Point and then Fraser Island

A brief on what some of the Coloured sands look like -

It was then onto Inskip Point Camp Ground for the night. Beautiful spot where the weather was mid 20's and the crowds of the warmer months a distant memory.

Rainbow Beach/ Inskip point -

Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area lies opposite to the southern tip of Fraser Island, Bounded by the Pacific Ocean on its eastern side and the sheltered waters of Tin Can Bay and Great Sandy Strait to the west, most of the peninsula is managed for nature-based recreation.

From Gympie it is a little over 70kms to Rainbow Beach and presents for a fantastic location to set up Camp or some accomodation in town.

Beach she-oaks, cypress pine and other coastal trees and shrubs shade Inskip Peninsula’s camping areas, which are shadowed by open ocean beaches and estuary shores—all within about 15 minutes drive of Rainbow Beach.

Wind and water is generally calmer in areas where the peninsula curves westward towards Great Sandy Strait. Note - Camp Fees apply ... Register and pay online.

after being bitten to "death" via the flies it was off to bed and up early the next day for a sunrise

Double Island Point -

Inskip Point - Fraser Island Barge access point -

Inskip Point Peninsula -

Like all places i visit i never want to leave, this was no different - After Breaky the temptation for a swim at the peninsula had grabbed me. A perfect Cleanse and for it only to reach an unexpected high for what i thought was divers out to Fraser Island, was clearly not that when they approached. A Whole POD OF DOLPHINS swimming literally 5/ 10 meters out, the world/ everything seems to stop with silence as they come up ever so close. A priceless experience that i didn't need to fork out a sum of cash for and what made it even more special, i was the only one in the water with people on the beach all coming in the last minute to seek a glimpse.

After a another swim this time at Rainbow Beach itself, i decided to shoot off and head down to the Glass House Mountains, 2.5hr drive down i was here to hike up these rather large Hills/ Mountains

Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Ngungun -

The Glass House Mountains are a group of eleven hills that rise abruptly from the coastal plain on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The highest hill is Mount Beerwah at 556 meters above sea level, but the most identifiable of all the hills is Mount Tibrogargan which from some directions appears to be a face staring out to sea. Mt Ngungun is a sub volcanic mountain. This means Mount Ngungun is a sub volcanic rock also known as a Hypabyssal Rock. It is an intrusive rock that is emplaced at medium to shallow depths within the crust, and has intermediate grain size and often Porphyritic texture between that of Volcanic and Plutonic rocks. Mount Ngungun and the Glass House Mountains are located near Beerburrum State Forest and Old Gympie Road. From Brisbane, follow the Bruce Highway north, take the Glass House Mountains tourist drive turn-off and follow the signs to the Glass House Mountains.

Mt Tibrogargan took me by surprise probably mainly to the fact i was by myself and with my heavy camera bag. There were warnings all over and a section near the summit that is literally rock climbing as you step to the side of the rock face you don't have a massive drop but a sizeable one the landing rather uncomfortable to say the least with all the jagged rock glaring up at you. One slight slip in these non existent hand or foot holds it was SEE YOU LATER - Coming down was some what harder as you could not see the best spot or where you previously had place your hand or foot. I was rather concerned as i had no where to place my bag then reach up and get it later, This was it !!! Bag on and hope for the right hold n get down safely. You clearly would NOT do this during rain or after. Thankfully it posed a great view once on the Summit

Back down and it was onto the much safer and well trodden Mt Ngungun, While not as high as Mt Tibrogargan and it only took me about 25 mins to summit this rather large rock stack, it posed it great view of the South Western Mountains and Beyond then onto the Outer Scenic Volcanic Rim.

The many Warning Signs climbing Mt Tibrogargan -

The rock scramble up to the summit of Mt Tibrogargan -

View Mt Ngungun looking South West with the defining Peak to the Left Mt Tibrogargan -

What a perfect afternoon to experience a Sunset on Mt Ngungun, clear blue skies - this must be Paradise.

Springbrook National Park -

Stand on the top of an ancient volcano with a views that stretch as far as the eye can see - This is Springbrook – In the Gold Coast hinterland just 45 minutes from the beaches. A ancient forest wilderness formed by the eruption of a volcano 23 million years ago. This park is part of the shield volcano group, world heritage UNESCO listed rainforests of Australia. The peaks of this park form the North Eastern remains of the Mt Warning Caldera.

The next two days were all about waterfalls in the Gold Coast Hinterland - From the recent cyclonic weather experienced here i had to take a inland route to sprinbrook National Park then eventually hike to down to Purling Brook Falls -

Then onto the Natural Bridge which can look soectactular after heavy rain...

Lower Purling Brook Falls / Springbrook National Park -

The Natural Bridge section of Springbrook National Park -

Sunrise Over the Spit / Sea Pumping Jetty -

Indigo Photography

Norman Herfurth

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