Cradle Mountain Tasmania (World Heritage Site)

Cradle Mountain is a mountain in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania, Australia. The mountain is situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

At 1,545 metres (5,069 ft) above sea level, it is the fifth highest mountain in Tasmania, and is one of the principal tourist sites in Tasmania, To its natural beauty. Cradle Mountain is composed of dolerite columns, similar to many of the other mountains in the area.

Above: climbing the steps to Marion's lookout with views over Dove, Crater Lake and the grand Cradle Mountain

Highest point

Elevation: 1,545 m (5,069 ft) 

Prominence: 355 m (1,165 ft)

Isolation: 4.95 km (3.08 mi)

Listing: 6th highest mountain in Tasmania

Coordinates: 41°40′48″S 145°56′24″ ECoordinates: 41°40′48″S 145°56′24″E 


Cradle Mountain

Location in Tasmania

Location Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia

Parent range Cradle Cirque - Bluff Cirque


Age of rock Jurassic

Mountain type Dolerite


Normal route Walk / hike via the Overland Track / Kitchen Hut

Kitchen Hut - Intersection to Cradle Mountain Summit and Overland track

Looking down the range out to waterfall and further onto Mt Osa


The area around the mountain has a large number of day walks, as well as being the the Overland Track. The Overland Track winds through a variety of landscapes to its opposite end – 80.8 kilometres to the south – at Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake.

The mountain is climbed by walkers virtually year round. It is a strenuous return hike from the Dove Lake car park with a recommended allotted time of 6.5 hours. The climb up the rocky part of the mountain involves a rather technical scrambling over large boulders for several hundred meters or more. The entire climb is exposed to any bad weather that may arrive quickly, while climbing the upper slopes in winter can be dangerous due to slick ice on the rocks and heavy snow covering holes and other hazards. From the summit, there is a spectacular view, encompassing Dove Lake, Barn Bluff and Mount Ossa. (As Mt Mt Osa Being the highest Mountain in Tasmania at 1617m

Driving Distances from:

Launceston - 122 km. About 1 hour 39 mins Via Sheffield

Hobart - 299 km. About 3 hours 46 mins


The mountain rises above the glacially formed Dove Lake (934 metres (3,064 ft)), Lake Wilks, and Crater Lake.

The mountain has four named summits. In order of height they are Cradle Mountain (1,545 m (5,069 ft)); Smithies Peak (1,527 m (5,010 ft)); Weindorfers Tower (1,459 metres (4,787 ft)); and Little Horn (1,355 m (4,446 ft)).

The mountain itself is named after its resemblance to a gold mining cradle.

I took a long approach in arriving at Cradle Mountain as the day before i had my eye on the wether and when i saw SUN i said Yep iam going to Cradle Valley for a couple of days. My Tourist drive took me from Hobart to Mt Field National Park for a Fantastic half day above the Clouds. I could have taken the most direct Route to Cradle Mountain but i decided that i loved driving that much i would continue on to Lake St Claire have a quick stop then drive through the towns of Queenstown and Rosebery (Blink and you will miss them as their old mining towns and there isn't much there... As you reach the West Coast, you don't actually see the ocean until you go to the township of Strahan or further north. As the day light hours are thinning out and the determination of getting to Dove Lake by 7am the next morning, I had another 3 to 4 hours of driving until i found camp for the night Approximately 30 mins from Cradle Valley and at 9pm -

Russel Falls - Mt Field National Park -

One perfect day at Dove Lake and Summiting Cradle Mountain -

At First light i made my way to Dove Lake car peak in Cradle Valley, out came my Stove and i had a Warm Miso soup with Salmon before i set foot up to Marion's Lookout Via Wombat Pool. Arrived with it a little cool and Rather overcast, with such a beautiful/ peaceful location kept me there until well after 9am and when the first wave of hikers reached this point i then decided to move onto Kitchen Hut and as this process took place the clouds parted way - WOW this is something i had never saw before as last time i was here i was doing the Overland track and hiking from Ronny Creek to Waterfall Hut had us in very low cloud and light rain. Today was the total opposite and this was the day i was to Summit Cradle Mountain -

After a quick toilet Break it was off up a very narrow exposed track that got steeper each step you made and before you knew it that disappeared into Rocks for a series of rock hopping as the now track that is only marked by a steel peg. As you make your way around the western your also clambering up some much larger rocks/ boulders where taking your time and thinking about each movement becomes ever so important as one slip could result to you becoming another victim to the mountain - It is said that the statistic is high for hikers attempting the summit of Cradle Mountain that when they reach the high exposed area of where you have to start clambering over boulders, there mind is defeated and they turn back.

Climbing mountains you often find that they have false Summits, this was no different as once we reached the false summit there was a drop and then a very steep rise which what almost looked like rock climbing to reach the top. Nope i have come this far iam going UP !!! So the long line of Hikers in front of me finally reached the summit and there i was on top of what felt like the the Roof Top of Tasmania - What a magnificent view of the Cradle Mountain and Lake St Claire National Park -

Sheffield, a tiny town which is somewhat the gateway to Cradle Mountain of you are travelling from Hobart or Launceston - Known for the towns story of Murals -

And a few from Mt Wellington Hobart -

Norman Herfurth -

Indigo Photography

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