Abandoned - Exploration of a Nursing Home...

Situated in the Southern outskirts of Sydney in a rural setting -

This building in its early days was a hospital for the treatment of patients (including children) who had tuberculosis, they were not released from here until they were cured. Patients were often taken here against their will which makes me think some pretty dark horrible shit went down inside these walls. It was like a little self sufficient community here though, they did all their own farming, cooking, baking, washing etc, This is evident in the lay out of the buildings in this rural Setting

This facility closed for TB cases in 1958 but was later reopened as a hospital for patients with chronic diseases or diseases of the elderly. In the early 1990's it then became a nursing home for the frail and aged which had services like general care for the elderly, rehab, respite care and even the operation of a small hostel.

Its hard to find exact dates on when this closed and the new one opened, but hopefully i can find out more as time goes by - The location is very easy to miss, Situated off a main road and its easy to see the new nursing home on the main drive of the property and miss this one entirely, which is situated down a hill and therefor has its advantage as there are no Eyes on You.

Getting in was no problem, take your pic on what hole you want to go through and then pretty much the whole place is open. It's not the most exciting of Explorations i have done, there isn't much left in the main building but chairs and some terrible graffiti that was done by illiterate teens, though some of the rooms still make for some really nice photos, There were some old interesting items that were quite amazing to view that were quite amusing indeed. There's a couple of rooms/sheds out the back of the main building worth a look, which an assortment of weird things, including a motorbike engine, a beautiful old Singer sewing machine and of course some porn mags from the 80's. The history of this site is not really documented, as is the future of it - my opinion is it will sit there and likely rot away. The Whole site is littered with Asbestos so it would be a huge cost to remove, demolish and rebuild - Maybe one day the newer nursing home might knock it down and rebuild

but I don't see that happening anytime soon, In the mean time it will continue to be abused by bored teens ...

Access is quite easy as its just off the main drive of the Modern section of the facility But if you choose to drive down the hill and try to be less discrete that walking in be mindful that YES you are driving through a gate and later in the day security may lock it at any notice - Hmmm you say. Apparently its a common occurrence that security have to unlock the gate for somebody that has been locked in.

The access into the main building and a few of the others that share this land is quite easy, with the usual broken glass and blown out floor boards and might I make a mention of the Asbestos Signs/ Stickers that are quite frequently placed around the site.

Indigo photography

Norman Herfurth

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