Sydney's New Years Eve Fireworks 16/17

NYE 16/17 Sydney

WOW - the label as the "World Famous" & "Best in the World" New Years Eve Fire Works is rightly Justified - With the Foti Fire Works right at the fore front we are right up there as staging world class Fire Work Events. This is truly a SHOW like NO OTHER - With the Sydney Harbour as the perfect stage and the Sydney Opera House / Harbour Bridge as the "Backdrops" . With 7 Tonnes of the colourful stuff and 5 Million Dollars later, its no wonder why over 1 Billion Watch it Worldwide and over 1 Million People flock to the Harbour Foreshore for some to wait over 24hrs in their "prime position" for the Greatest Fire Works Show on Earth -

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

I marked my spot at Blues Point Reserve, as its located on the North/ Western side of the bridge, that means less of a hassle leaving and only a short drive home - A great Vantage point Indeed - BUT as the show is set for the city side and with the Cloud of smoke drifting across the North/ Western Face it can make for some slightly different and unusual images...

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

New Year’s Eve in style with one of the largest, most technologically advanced fireworks display in the world.

the family fireworks at 9pm, and the main event at midnight.

Over 5,000 hours go into preparing the fireworks displays, which include:

  • 7 tonnes of fireworks

  • 12,000 shells

  • 25,000 shooting comets

  • 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects.

Eighteen shipping containers of equipment, weighing 120 tonnes, are needed for the fireworks displays.

Australia’s First People are recognised with a special bridge light show and harbour smoking ceremony as part of the Welcome to Country, which honours Sydney’s traditional custodians.

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

New Years Eve Sydney 16/ 17

HAPPY New Year - #17

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