Seaworld on the Gold Coast

Seaworld on the Gold Coast, the Theme Park capital of the South Pacific

While its been a old favourite of mine for many years, the price of admission alone is a expansive day out then add the high price of food, let a lone the several Add Ons once inside the park for photos and other optional activities all make for a great experience but cost a little fortune by yourself or if with your family might even break the BANK - That aside the thing i like about seaworld is the "education" of marine animals/ life - well atleast i hope people walk out of the gates after their day there and have learnt something or gained that little bit of respect / awareness of the ocean The two main marine shows are the Seal and Dolphin shows, the 2nd always being a favourite when visiting this park. Though it came to my opinion that these shows are more veered to the side of entertainment than actually awareness or conservation...

Seaworld is more a kids park with the marine shows, various exhibits and fun kids rides, there is less "adult" rides than ever before - It was disappointing to see the Water park closed - if you are not with kids you can you can complete this park just after lunch time or possibly well before 5pm or just make a full day of it. Would l go again ? yes but HEY the food that i ordered was nice/ baguette roll and a salad but hey it was super STEEP in price -

About -

Sea World is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, and theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It includes rides, animal exhibits and other attractions, and it promotes conservation through education and the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. The park is commercially linked to Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast as part of the theme park division of Village Roadshow.

A Bit of History -

Sea World was founded by Keith Williams in 1958. It was originally known as the Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens, which presented "water ski shows that combined comedy, aqua ballet and action". In 1971, the Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens moved to land on the Spit. Major dredging works were required to build the new ski lake. A year later, the Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens became known as Sea World with the introduction of dolphins, marine displays, a replica of the Endeavour, a swimming pool, licensed restaurant and gift shop. Extra additions over the next decade included the purchasing of competitor marine park, Marineland, and the transfer of animals and exhibits to Sea World as well as the addition of more shops and food outlets.

In 1984 Keith Williams sold the park to Pivot Leisure. Later in 1988 Pivot built the 400 room Sea World Nara Resort. In 1991 Pivot Leisure, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow jointly developed and opened Warner Bros. Movie World, a Hollywood theme action park, at Oxenford on the Gold Coast. Also that year Pivot Purchased Wet n' Wild Water park located next to the site of Warner Bros. Movie World. In 1993, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow jointly acquired Pivot Leisure's interest in Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and the adjoining Sea World Nara Resort.

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