Adelaide Zoo

​While in Adelaide, this is must do !!!

A fantastic well presented Zoo - I arrived in mid afternoon worried that i was short of time, yes it would have been nice to see some animal feeding times - All good in the end as either it was my lucky day or a typical day the zoo, maybe the first as it was cooler and the animals we ere mostly out enjoying their surrounds - The zoo while it is not large in size, it clearly makes up for its selection of animals on display - Its nice to go to a zoo in Australia and see different animals on display like the Panda / fantastic Monkey / Ape Exhibits The Zoo is clean, well sign posted and the staff / Volunteers and approachable Would i go back to back to Adelaide zoo if aim in the region again ? Yes i would also visit its sister Zoo called Monarto Zoo which is the worlds largest open range zoo - The other great thing is if you are a Zoo member of another Australian Zoo your entry is FREE - Loved It .

Zoo's South Australia and Conservation -

Over the years Zoos SA has been involved in a wide range of conservation programs. Our efforts have spanned right across the globe and include captive breeding, habitat restoration, many different biological surveys, studies in reproductive biology, conservation education, corporate and community fundraising, wildlife disease management, translocation and community development to foster alternative livelihoods...

Zoos SA has been at the forefront of an animal breeding technique called cross-fostering to save endangered wallaby species. Cross fostering involves transferring the pouch young from a threatened species into the pouch of a surrogate mother from a similar common species. This enables the mother to be freed up to produce.

Another pouch young and increase the amount of offspring one particular female can produce in a year.

Our cross-fostering and reintroduction work has enabled staff, students and partner organisation gain valuable skills, helped Zoos SA gain a reputation as a conservation organisation and importantly deliver a range of conservation outcomes both within the zoo and beyond our gates. Since the reintroduction of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies into the Aroona Sanctuary in 1996 much has been learnt and conservation has been an increasing focus for Zoos SA.

Working with communities is a key feature of Zoos SA conservation work. Zoos SA recognises the fundamental front line role that communities play in species and habitat conservation, which is demonstrated in the community engagement approach that all of our conservation projects take.

Love and Respect Nature -

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