Wentworth Falls Kings Table Land/ Kedumba Valley Camp

Halloween Camp Weekend Blue Mountains

Fun Weekend, started with a Friday up at the very Misty Blue Mountains as i was playing Tour Guide with Thibault that had a great day of schooling in the Blue Mountains... There was no point doing any extended hike so we just went down to the base of Wentworth Falls and with the Fog/ Mist as low as the valley floor it was clearly still a beautiful way to appreciate nature - We then went on to Blackheath / Govetts Leap which much of the same - Nup stuff this lets find some Rock Walls to climb further on near perry's lookdown we go and achieve this with great affect. This is about the time when Thilbault goes of the HYPO Rails for the next 3/4 hours Albiet only 1 Snickers bar and no other sugar (Where did it come from ???)

We check in at the Blue Mountains Backpackers for the Night and Wait for 2 Nutters Rebecca Kosterman and Shelby LeAnne Salstrom to arrive as we were having dinner at the Unique Patisserie - There must have been something in the AIR that i actually didn't BREATH IN as on all reports and visual evidence those two "Adults" were simply re living their childhood WTF -

Ok the Weekend proper I lead 16 people down into the Kedumba Valley / Kins Table Land Wentworth Falls -

We leave early Sat Morning to Wentworth Falls Village to meet the rest of the group then drive to the Old Abandoned Wentworth Hospital - It was a hospital for the Aged and Mentally Ill and Finally closed in the late 1990's - This was the start of our 10km walk down (750m) decent down Kedumba Valey Road to the Kedumba Farm. Down Hill all the way with very steep Decents/ Ascents - We made it to Kedumba Farm at the foot of the Kedumba Walls and to the South/ West Mt Solitary

The Maxwells of Kedumba : Learn More Here -


Now this land is in possession of the NSW National Parks and Sydney Catchment Authority -

Just after we set up Camp around the Old Farm Ruins and Beside the Kedumba River it starts raining and the light but annoying rain along a storm came in and YES thanks Matt Sage for bringing the rather extra large Tarp as we perfectly placed it over two picnic tables and right near a already used fire place - This was a us for the afternoon, almost as the annoying light rain prevent us from walking Mt Solitary from crossing the river and up the Eastern Face -

The Group that i lead for the weekend

Shelby trying to work out what "Swine" Means ...

The start of the Kedumba Valley right before our 750m decent into the Kedumba Valley

Matt's very practical set up

Rain stopped then we went for the wander around the farm/ Ruins and up a Fire Trail that would eventually end at a locked gate (Beyond is Warragamba exclusion zone)

We walked past a Dam and some certain person decided they would go for a swim as everyone watched - i would leave the rest to your imagination about that one !!!!

Back to camp for Dinner and as we cook our camp food and sit around the Camp Fire as we had Halloween Carvings to join the atmosphere, one thing was rare and unusually missing from a overnighter and that was Alcohol. Everyone was Dry which was a first for a long time -

These two enjoying a moment

Halloween Weekend Bush Style

William Maxwell and his family worked this land

Thanks Everyone for sharing and bringing your deserts - Chocolate n lots of it

A late start the next day for the Awesome steep Ascent OUT with - We all did it, made it back to the Hospital and finished with Lunch and Great Company at Great Katoomba Town -

The Local Residence

Fantastic Group, Sunday Breakie

The Kids Enjoying Sunday Breakie in the bush

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