Hanging Rock / Baltzers Lookout Blue Mountains

It's always worth going for a hike to Hanging rock, albeit short (Only 11km) great to admire the view on hopefully a clear/ fine and wind free day.

Situated at Black Heath in the Grose Valley Side of the Blue Mountains - The fire trail lends for easy walking, though for this time of the year you will be guaranteed to see the spring wildflowers

Hanging Rock is a outstanding feature near Baltzer Lookout, at the end of Ridgewell Road, Blackheath. A huge, overhanging block of sandstone over 100m high, jutting out into the Grose Valley, has become detached from the main cliff. It has featured in many calendars and climbing photos, and was also the site of the main climbing scene in "The Edge" movie.


Heading west along the Great Western Highway, turn right on to Ridgewell Rd, 800m after the main traffic lights in Blackheath. Follow the dirt road for 0.8km until you reach a locked gate. Park here.

If walking from Blackheath Station, it is 600m to the Ridgewell Rd turnoff. Walking from and to the station adds 3km to the overall walk.

Track notes

As the walk to Baltzer Lookout is almost entirely on fire trail, this could easily be ridden with mountain bikes.

Reaching the lookout is quite straightforward as it just involves following the main fire trail. There are several lesser fire trails that branch off in the first couple of kilometres, but the main trail is fairly obvious. After 1.6km, you pass the old National Parks gate. There are a few small uphills and downhills, but it's mostly relatively flat. At the end of the road, there is a small fence, and the lookout is through the gate at the top of the hill.

Baltzers Lookout Grose Valley

From the lookout there are superb views up and down the Grose Valley. If you look down to your left, you can see Hanging Rock

Follow a steep track down to the left which leads to even better views of Hanging Rock. For those who are fearless, you can even jump across the gap on to the Rock itself. However, you do so at your own risk - a slip could prove fatal.

After a break, return the way you came to your car.

Time: 4 hrs

Distance: 11km

Fitness: Easy

Skill: Easy

Ascent: 100m

Maps: LPI Mount Wilson 8930-1N 1:25000

Baltzers Lookout - Grose Valley

Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock - Grose Valley

Pulpit Rock Lookout

Over Looking the Grose Valley

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

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