Graffiti / Street Art of Sydney's Inner West

St Peters Street Art

Like it or loathe it, Creative Street Art is undeniably Artistic -

Graffiti, or street art as it is now being termed, is a truly polarising subject; people tend to love it or loathe it and there’s often no middle ground. For me, I tend to sometimes "sit on the fence" because I believe good graffiti is a true work of art. It’s often the more casual attempts at graffiti, that are more a mess than they are stylish, that completely ruin the meaning art as a whole.

May Lane St Peters is a perfect example of this, which is a inner Sydney city suburb on the fringe of Newtown. this is where the Alternate and creative beat to their own drums, you might be lucky to see a street artist at work.

The street art I see around here defiantly makes the suburb rather colourful and makes it feel all the more creative. Unfortunately what we are all too used to seeing is offensive text and imagery which is referred to as tagging - that can truly leave a bad taste in your mouth and is often uncalled for...

Exploring the Suburbs such is St Peters and New Town can be quite inspiring, so why not throw that Camera around your shoulder and go for that wonder and find some awesome Street Art by Day or by Night.

Since the 1980s, the area surrounding the inner-Sydney suburb of Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia—including the suburbs of Newtown, Enmore, Erskineville, Camperdown and

St Peters has been known for its wide range of prominent graffiti and street art on walls.

The public visual art in the Newtown area consists of a variety of styles and methods of execution, including large-scale painted murals, hand-painted (or sprayed) political slogans, hand-painted figurative designs, spray painted semi-abstract designs (including large-scale and elaborate semi-pictorial)

May Lane St Peters

One of the most popular areas for graffiti and wall art is the industrial area near the Silo Apartments, bounded by Station St, Enmore Rd, Phillip St and the railway. Many striking graffiti works can be seen on the various factory and warehouse walls along Gladstone St, Wilford St, Wilford Lane, Thurnby Lane and Phillip Lane. Some murals in this area have remained intact for several years while others typically last for only short periods before being tagged or overpainted.

Newtown Street Art

Newtown Street Art - One of My Fav's

One of the All Time Fav's in Newtown -

Newtown Street Art

Andrew Aiken/Juilee Pryor:

Martin Luther King Mural on King St

Newtown, 1991.

Norman Herfurth

Indigo Photography

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