Vivid Sydney 2016 / Light, Music & Ideas

Quick Facts:

Genre: Exhibition

Frequency: Annual

Location: Sydney, Australia

Active Years: 8

Inaugurated: 2009

Most recentt: 27 May-18 June 2016

Attendance: 2.3 million (2016)

Vivid Sydney Customs House Reflected


Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas, A 23-day festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid Sydney Features many of the worlds most creative talent in a free public festival of lighting sculptures/ installations,

along with the music and ideas -

Vivid Sydney is where ART/ Technology & Commerce intersect -

Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of 'light art' sculptures, innovative light installations and large-scale projections for all to enjoy - Yes thats right FREE. It is a magical Festival of light-design excellence and the world's largest outdoor 'art-gallery': come alive in the brilliant back drop of the City of Sydney

Vivid Light engages lighting artists/ designers and manufacturers from around Australia and the world to illuminate and transform Sydney’s urban spaces through creative vision.

Booked of Sydney Opera House, Vivid Sydney 2016

Light installations and projections illuminate the world famous Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, The Rocks, Walsh Bay, and Martin Place. In 2016 Vivid Sydney featured new areas such as Taronga Zoo, The Royal Botanic Gardens

Events NSW created the event which was then merged with Tourism NSW in 2011 to form a new tourism and events agency, Destination NSW. At this time, the ownership, management and production of Vivid Sydney transferred to Destination NSW. First held in 2009, Vivid Sydney was created with the intention of showcasing the city and its creative industries, also in stimulating the visitor economy during winter

Always a Favourite at Vivid, Museum of Contemporary Art

Great Views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Kirribilli


Vivid Music presents a cutting-edge contemporary music program.

From local and international acts performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House, to other large venues and small bars, Vivid Sydney hosts a lively and eclectic range of live performances and ground-breaking musical collaborations.

At the heart of Vivid Music is Vivid LIVE, a program of cutting-edge music which takes place at the Sydney Opera House, Australia’s most famous building.

As it rains down on me

As it Rains Down on the Me


Vivid Ideas is the Asia Pacific's annual celebration of innovation, creativity and community, building audiences and markets for the creative industries, and offering professional opportunities across the sector : from technology and start-up culture to design and architecture, film and screen content to visual arts and performance, advertising and marketing to animation, lighting and events.

During the festival, Vivid Ideas brings together business and creative leaders for professional development, information updates on their industries, market opportunities and innovation: gathering all the conversations, conventions and big announcements in Sydney.

Photography -

These few weeks in the middle of winter presents many fantastic opportunities for photographers to show and express their creative flare....

The kit would include something like:


#Sharp lenses / wide focal 17- 40mm / 24- 70mm or the possible 70- 200mm

F4.0 0r 2.8

#A sturdy tripod

#Cable release

#Bokeh templates

Be sure to use a sharp Lens, as already mentioned a Lens between F4.0 and F2.8. Set your Camera's Aperture to F8.0, a ISO of mostly 400

and your Shutter - T/V, A few stops under a 1 Second, so you can Freeze the fast moving Light


For the Installations that are not moving at a fast rate, don't be concerned about upping your ISO to suite the lighting conditions -

Remember -



Photo - Light

Graphie - Draw

Draw with Light

Remember, learn the "RULES" then break

them to create your own individual style Above Image: Shooting a Diva/ Shutter

125sec, F4.0 and a ISO of 1200

Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Above Images : Painting With Light -

F Stop of F8 - ISO around 1000 & Shutter of approx 125sec

As it rains down on me

Customs House Reflected

Never miss a wet night / it means interesting reflections and less crowds to

find your inner creative self

The Bend

Sydney Opera House

All lit up

Martin Place doing her thing

With respect to our indigenous

Creative flare on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Above Image - A classic Lens Push/ Pull creating some awesome flare

of the famous Coat hanger, Shot from Kirribilli

#nightphotography #creative #lightpainting #vividsydney #vividsydney2016 #night #building #sydneyharbour #architecture #events #EventsNSW

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