Wentworth Falls/ Valley of the Waters

Going through the Rinse at Wentworth Falls after heavy Rain

Wentworth Falls: -

From Sydney: 95kms - 90 mins by car - 111 mins by train

Quick Stats: 5,650 population

867m Elevation

Wentworth Falls in my opinion is one of the most beautiful towns within the Blue Mountains which offers possibly the most spectacular Bushwalks and Views. Originally called ‘Weatherboard’ after the ‘Weatherboard Hut’ built in 1814, then one year later the town named ‘Jamison’s Valley’ by Governor Macquarie. July 1867 the historic first railway journey in the Blue Mountains left Penrith station and travelled through to Weatherboard Station where the train came to a screaming Halt..... It wasn’t until 1879 that the name was changed to Wentworth Falls....

In honour of William Charles Wentworth, one of the three famous exploers

When travelling from Bullaburra to Wentworth Falls you ascend Boddington Hill.River Deep Mountain High.......

Kings Tableland Area -

At the top of the hill you can turn left into Tableland Road and turn left into Queen Elizabeth Drive. Then At the end of the sealed road there is a fork in the road. Take the left hand fork for a 10 km drive to one of the most remote and beautiful picnic grounds in the Blue Mountains, Ingar Picnic Ground. The area known as ‘Kings Tableland’ offers Panoramic views. Kings Tableland is recognised as traditional land of the Gundungurra people. Care must be taken within this area to preserve the ancient Aboriginal site, Kings Table. It has been calculated via carbon dating that the land was occupied some 22,000 years ago! Back on Tableland Road, a further quarter hour drive takes you to Sunset Lookout or McMahon’s Lookout providing views of Lake Burragorang.

The Great Charles Darwin / Explorer

Track Notes and info

From a 2 day Pack Hike i recently did, where we traversed Mt Solitary from West to east and instead of camping at Chinaman's Cave on the eastern fringe of Mt Solitary. We made the smart decision to push on and tackle the very steep descent which was at times very very soft under foot from the loose sections. After crossing the river we made Kedumba valley camp for the night - Beautiful Camp Ground - What awaited us the hike out was a Kings Table land / Kedumba Valley Escarpment / Super steep trail of only 8kms but one that made you breath 'n' feel ALIVE -

Descending the Giant Stairs

Descending the Giant Stairs

Exploring this area of Blue Mountains Nation Park you will expect to see:

Breakfast Point Lookout,

Princes Rock Lookout,

The Wentworth Falls,

Queens Cascades and Rocket Point Lookout.

Entering the bush further north you can walk to -

Empress Falls,

Sylvia Falls,

Lodore Falls,

Valley of the Waters Picnic Area,

Queen Victoria Lookout,

Lyre Bird Lookout,

Vera Falls as well as Lincoln's Rock (previously known as Flat Rock) And the

Conservation Hut - Popular for coffee, Picnic and easy access to the Valley of the Waters.

A over hang into the Jamison Valley n Mt Solitary

Another great day leading a group into one of the most scenic spots in the Blue Mountains - Wentworh Falls/ valley of the Waters, although a very short and lazy hike by my standards, i was rewarded with great scenery/ weather and a fantastic hiking group.

Our start point was Wentworth Falls Station then though the Charles Darwin walk (last time i did this was at midnight admits a Full Moon in July which was very icing under foot - absolutely awesome) After just over 2kms we met the intersection to the National Pass down the giant stair way to Wentworth Falls itself then past a water hole (yes aim coming back here in summer for some Swim Time) Shortly after we left the National Pass to tackle the Wentworth Pass and Down the Slack Stairs, a series of very steep metal stairs as the only way down is forward facing - We were to hike in the valley which has a rainforest feel for a short while until we reach the start of the Valley of the Waters.....

A Awesome Group to Lead for the day through the Valley of the Waters

LUNCH - The Group Said, we are getting cold, Ok lets warm up again as we ascend through the Valley of the Waters past the big daddy and final Empress Falls then a wonderful Lookout named YES Empress Lookout - Conservation Hut and back to the Station Via the Beautiful Streets of Wentworth Falls .......

This is truly a beautiful place -

Through the Tress is Weeping Rock Falls

Power and Rinse after a Heavy a great sight to see

In a Spin - A creative Flare

The Majestic Wentworth Falls

View of Mt Solitary from Sublime Point

View of Mt Solitary from Sublime Point


"Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing"

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