Mt Solitary Via the Ruined Castle & Fuber Steps..

View looking to Mt Solitary from the Ruined Castle

What a fantastic day (July 30th) leading 18 awesome adventures up in the Blue Mountains. Perfect clean crisp mountain air with a high of 12... We started out at Katoomba kiosk for our climb down Fuber Steps and onto the scenic railway then the landslide, this area is a bit Jurassic as you start to get Views of Mt solitary and Narrowneck Plateau. The landslide was a single event in 1931 that had no witnesses,it would have been a sight to see. As you walk past there is some massive rocks unusually placed in a vast area.

We pushed on through the deep canopy which almost has a rainforest feel to the intersection of the ruined castle. Damm there is a drop toilet. Next time on my walks, Iam going to say No Toilets bar the Bush... :) with the abrupt climb to the ruined castle it was a great spot to have a break. With Mt Solitary the goal we pushed on after a short break.

After the decent down the other side of the castle, it was time for the climb that we came here for. It was nothing but your usual climb until we reached the breadknife... A very rocky and exposed section, that once you have clambered up a few of these sections you are rewarded with some stunning views and enormity of this place. I hear some shout out "is this it" as I saw some concerned looks on a few - my answer was simply NO (we are almost there) as we reached the highest point on the western face shortly after in cracking weather conditions with no wind. LUNCH and why would you not want to leave.

The hike out was much less in time as we took the direct route up the hellish Golden Stairs, along a series of roads then back to the kiosk. What a awesome fun group to lead. to finish at the bank hotel - and to think I ended up changing a tyre in the Main Street of Katoomba on a icy night... Come again 👍

climbing up the bread knife, Western face of Mt Solitary

Riding high at the Scenic railway enroute to Mt Solitary

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