Adventure In The Warrumbungles ...

The Breadknife (Grand High Tops) from White Gum Lookout Wurrumbungles

The Warrumbungles are a mountain range in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia. The nearest town is Coonabarabran. The area is easiest accessed from the Newell Highway which is the major road link directly between Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland and cuts across inland New South Wales from the north to the south. The Drive from Sydney is approximately 6 Hours and either tackled via the Blue Mountains/ Mudgee then further North West or from the M1

The base of the region was formed 180 million years ago. The Warrumbungles are the remnants of a large heavily-eroded shield volcano which was active from 13 to 17 million years ago. The volcano is estimated to have been 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) high and 50 kilometres. And what you see today is left over from years of erosion.

Grand High Tops looking South/ West

View from the Grand High tops Circuit

The first European to sight and explore the area was John Oxley in 1818 on second expedition through New South Wales. Warrumbungles which means 'crooked mountains' became the most common name. Belougery Spire was first ascended by Eric Dark and Osmar White in 1932, and Crater Bluff by Dark and Dorothy Butler in 1936. The Breadknife was not ascended until 1954, by Russ Kippax and Bill Peascod. Climbing on the Breadknife has since been banned, to protect the walking track along its base from rockfall.

Completing the Hike around the Breadknife (Grand High Tops) is a steep hike taking about five hours. With a few side trips such as Bluff Mountain or Mt Exmouth, the alternative is to Pack Hike in the "back country" at the designated sites - A must DO -

Dows and Danu Camp would be the most convenient to reach the two above Mountains. You can either to a day trip or a overnight by returning via the same track or doing a loop circuit back to Princham Car Park.

Highest point:

Peak - Mount Exmouth

Elevation - 1,206 m (3,957 ft)


Country Australia

State - New South Wales

Range coordinates 31°12′S 148°54′ECoordinates: 31°12′S 148°54′E


Age of rock - Cenozoic

Type of rock - Shield volcano

A fantastic June long weekend was had with a group of Sydney Explorers, I took the advantage of arriving on Friday... What is with this Car Camping ? Man - Toilets/ showers, food - plenty of it and not to mention the Alcohol... iam sure as - not use to this. Oh ok Truc's lovely cooking, great company and a endless supply of Alcohol = perrrfectt - set in a beautiful setting such as Camp Blackman Wurrumbungles.

As a hand full of us partied friday night the next day while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive we set out to do the rewarding Gould's Circuit, which leaves you with views of the Breadknife/ Grand High Tops. When we arrived back at camp - the rest of the crew had arrived ready for a LITTLE FIRE WITH A HUGE HEART and more you guessed it Alcohol.

Gould's Circuit

Sunday was the BreadKnife and Grand High Tops - Some continued on with me to Bluff Mountain another cracker day finished with a freezing night at the warrumbungles observatory. Made all the worse when i stupidly forgot my other jacket "n" gloves. Monday Morning a small crew did the very steep and rocky/ exposed split rock track. Once on the eastern side of the "rock" the terrain changed and it was simply very open and exposed with a "don't look down" and the only way up was to scramble on a very exposed face, the reward was this:

Track Head Princhen Car Park

Grand High Tops Looking South/ East

Bluff Mountain Looking South/ West

Bluff Mountain Looking South/ West

BreadKnife/ Grand High Tops

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