Griffens Fire trail - Meryla Pass/ Griffens Farm to Jacks Corner/ Moreton NP

Meryla Pass looking down into Karrunga Creek Valley and Griffens Farm

So why do you do it? This is why -

What a great weekend leading a group of 101'S at Morton National Park Down Meryla Pass along Griffens Fire Trail to "Griffens" Farm.

Meryla Pass looking into Yurrunga Valley

It was a pleasure for Steve Khouw 'n' I organising this, dispite the car shuffle and driving down Meryla road 6 times which i had to do, it was worth the experience as I knew the camp site was going to be one to savour.... A beautiful walk down Meryla Pass in the Yarrunga Valley and thankfully we eventually saw the packs of the rest of the group at the Yarrunga Creek Junction, which we drivers had to wait 1.5 bloody hours for you buggers that were out exploring Yurrunga Lake - NOT HAPPY.

Yurrunga lake

We all made our way to the Griffen's farm:

Clyde Griffin, his wife Jean and their six children must have done it tough back in the 1940s when they worked the hundreds of acres of bush he had bought cheaply in the isolated Yarrunga Creek valley.

He had to pave a road in from Kangaroo Valley so he could transport out his timber to sell to sawmills - when it rained the only way out was by horse. The Griffin family had a - self-sufficient mind set...

sadly this is all that remains of the ruins today

sadly this is all that remains of the ruins today

They grew this and more: vegetable garden and orchard, brewed beer and raised livestock, eggs/ dairy products. The first home was an old bark shack - Built a 3-storey home, made from timber off the property.

This is what was left of the Griffens Farm Home

The farm survived many floods and fire before being dismantled when the property was sold to the State in the 1970s for incorporation into Morton National Park.

We walked to the end of the farm adjacent to the ruins that have really FADED AWAY over the last few years and were a little disappointing. Our camp was set around a awesome huge fire, river, Wombats and Fox's

Griffens Farm

Two Awesome Girls

After settling in for dinner and plenty of wine to share it was time for Damper

- thanks to Name X for giving us a huge show on your damper mixing skills, it was pricesless, Guitar songs around a awesome camp fire, ENTER - Rob Law and Partner (thanks for turning Up at a late hour) - A wonderful walk out the next day up a huge hill (Hell Yeah - i love hills)

Time to do Meryla road 2 more times and head to Berkelouw Book Cafe Winery Estate at Berrima (were was Steve taking us??? Worked out to be a FAB location as all the seating area was booked as we were given the opportunity to have lunch on the grass BUT admist a bit of Dog Poo - jeeezuss.... Fantastic food and location to end a unreal weekend but wait to finally end it in Bowral with Rob again for Tea and great company -

This is why i do it 'n' Bring it on!

Master Steve - You woke me up.

Awesome Group ending at Berkalouw Book cafe Berrima


Shae Doing her thing

Shae doing her thing

Old forrest

Departing Griffens Farm enroute to Jacks Corner

Departing Griffens Farm enroute to Jacks Corner

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