The Tooth's & Co Brewery - A Photographers Delight

Tooths & Co Brewery (1914)

Located in Southern Highlands, the Tooth and Co brewery closed in 1981 and consists of two large factory buildings that are pretty awesome to explore.

It was one of the state’s biggest breweries, pumping out popular beers like KB Lager for decades.

The second of two large fires signalled the beginning of the end for Tooth and Co’s

Maltings, which closed in 1980 — and has been sitting idle and empty ever since. The time-weathered buildings have long been the playground of vandals but they have also captured the eye of many photographers. ......

Tooths and Co Burnt Out House

Tooths and Co Burnt Out House

I Arrived around 10ish in the morning and scouted around then started exploring the main building, the first you see from the main road. I was unsure if i was going to see anyone, not before long i saw 2 photographers then it steadily increased after that and it became apparent that this was a very popular site for photographers and for people that wanted to do some exploring. Just like a family of four and their Huge Great Dane did as they came especially all the way from the Blue Mountains to explore this hidden Gem ... It great chatting to you Guys :)

I have to admit I explored a lot more than I probably should have with my camera in hand and a backpack full of lenses on my back. The main stair case had the rises blown out so it was a step "N" a leap to the next level for some more exploring.

there was only one stair case that had the shakes so as a result i got to some interesting heights, I was not going to leave without walking some insane heights that were in- excess of 60 plus ft and mare empty drop below.

View from level near the top after a interesting stair climb

The Stair Case that had several blown out steps and landings

The second block is of similar size but of a very different build. This one has a underside with multiple pillars sunk into the dirt. Being the first level of what is five for this building the interior seeming almost Factory - like with a number of suspended board walks across the roofing rafters of the level below. On level four you will come across a wooden stairwell that ascends straight above a drop of four floors which many of the stairs have been BLOWN OUT over time and looks precarious at best. Once again against my better judgement I ascended (while gripping the rails extremely tightly) to the rafters to what seemingly was the top of a number of giant concrete silos. (don't look down - better still don't climb IT)

Near the top level of a interesting stair climb

Near the top level of a interesting stair climb

Many blown out ceilings

This place is a amazing location to visit, and even though I spent most of the day there I believe a second trip is in order. Whilst the higher levels are often hard to get to and downright dangerous. At no point would I recommend anyone to attempt to reach them. The bottom levels and the general area appear to be very well trodden. Always be safe and cautious, but this is one that's worth having a walk around.


Blown out stairs

Blown out stairs

The DROP -

One of the many Graffiti Walls


A Hell of a place -

Enter at your own risk -

The Garden of eden ahead

The once mechanics shed

The outside deck

The outside deck

Outside top deck graffiti

Indigo photography

Norman Herfurth

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