The Blue Mountains and Beyond

A drive up to the blue Mountains last Friday found me stopping briefly at Wentworth falls. Even though we have not had much rain of late, its still always nice to visit the waterfalls when up at the Blue Mountains and Wentworth Falls/ Valley of the waters is one of my favourite (waterfall locations) up in this region.

Wentworth Falls is about 10 to 15 minutes from Katoomba which is approximately 90 minutes from Sydney CBD,. An outdoor enthusiasts paradise, The Blue Mountains region offers the obvious tourist locations such as the one of the most Photographic land marks in the world ( The Three Sisters )

Why not step beyond the tourist barrier and experience some of the "Real Blue Mountains"

such as Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Hiking all in the Jaminson and Grouse Valley's which are situated within a short drive from Katoomba -

A hikers Paradise with one i completed recently was the Katoomba/ Mt Solitary Traverse to Wentworthfalls Via Kedumba Valley - Thumbs up - Totally recommend it though a good level of hiking experience is required -

Blackheath is also one of my Fav locations is it gives you access to the Govetts Leap and various walking trails around this awesome landscape.

Last Friday i took the advantage of the overcast skies and stopped at a few locations to shoot some water falls - Often its perceived with photography that the sun needs to be out for landscape shoots

The Sun will often create Harsh shadows which can be exposure issues due to the conflicting light, where as if its overcast you have a nice medium level of light where you can easily play with no real exposure issues apart from what you set in the camera.

View of lower Wentworth Falls

Upper Wentworth Falls

Steps going down the Grand Stair Case to the lower Wentworth Falls

I then drove West to Lithgow upon Sunset in the plan to shoot the Lithgow Blast Furnace, on the arrival as it was getting dark i noticed a temporary fence around the whole site and a little sign saying (under remedial works to make it safer for people to enjoy in the future - Damm as its a great location for Star and light painting photography

Lithgow Blast Furnace by Night

Oh Well so it was onto the Old Zig Zag Railway which is now abandoned dues to fire on the site a few years ago -

Here are some images i took before my visit to lithgow central and after in the dead of the night....

Inside a old abandoned train - Zig Zag Railway

Clarence on the now abandoned Zig Zag Railway

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