Just for Fun in Queensland - From Light Painting to the Hinterland

The rain added to the above image, along with the car trails, moon plus stars made for a successful attempt - After about a 5 minute exposure and battling to light the fire form the breeze - i just waited for everything else to enter the frame for the end result. Perfect

7Dmk2 (17mm - 200 ISO - f8)

Photography can be as creative as you want to it to be from the Hinterland, Waterfalls and Old Beech Forests to Long Exposures around the beaches - Do You know the feeling when you just get obsessed in doing a particular thing? this is the case with the above image, i have got this obsession to doing this creative style that i can combined existing structures, natural light and artificial light.....

While up in Queensland to shoot the Quiksilver/ Roxy Pro's - the first stop on the WSL CT - the night hour became another avenue for photography

This Image taken at the seaway (Gold Coast) on a 30 minute exposure and i was totally unaware that the moon was to rise at the 18 minute mark. I was a little concerned that it would over expose the image, the end result shows it didn't -

Shot on a Canon 7Dmk2

Focal: 17mm

ISO: 100

This image was shot on a different night of a 18 minute exposure

Focal: 17mm

ISO: 100

During the daylight hours i ventured off to the Gold Coast Hinterland when there was no surf or a late start to the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro's -

Springbrook National Park has got numerous walks and waterfalls including Purling Brook Falls and the "Best of All" lookout - Don't miss the Natural Bridge which is located on the Nerang/ Murwillumbah Road side of the park.

Springbrook National Park and its surrounds has been formed volcanic movements thousands or years ago, Enjoy this unique area as you will be walking through old/ ancient beech forests -

The Gold Coast Hinterland is a short 70kms from the beach strip,

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