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Mountains One Day Tour 


Tour Location -

Katoomba, BlackHeath, Leura, Wentworth Falls  for panoramic views, gorges, creeks and waterfalls.


The Blue Mountains

Walk alongside creeks and waterfalls , Stand on sandy beaches and take photographs as you cross below the waterfalls..Treat the day as a sightseeing tour or take your time as a photographer and enjoy some of the most stunning scenery in New South Wales. Walk on approved tracks overlooking  Jamison and the Gross Valley's 
With luck experience the low lying cloud and mists bathed in the superb orange light of an Australian Sunrise.  
You may see Waratah, Mountain Devil, Banksia and Drumstick flowers just a few of our many hardy mountain species. Listen for the huge Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and look for Crimson Rosellas and the amazingly beautiful Red King Parrots as they fly through the trees.
Created by volcano's which pushed upwards through the huge Sydney Sandstone Plate, the Blue Mountains was an ancient plateau long before the Himalayas and Rocky Mountains started to appear.
The Greater Blue Mountains Heritage National Park covers one million hectares of spectacular wilderness. The gorges, creeks and lookouts are a Mecca for photographers and sightseers with walks as short as 10 minutes to 1 hour and beyond.
The Blue Mountains are dominated by the Eucalypt bush which grow in Australia's temperate climates. The Wollemi Pine was discovered by a park ranger as he abseiled into a gorge. The Wollemi Pine was growing 65 million years ago.
This is the area we have chosen to run our tours, it is the most visited tourist region in Australia. We developed them to meet individuals or clients needs.
We guide, describe, choose the best locations and teach or assist with your photography. We do not want you to leave and not capture our stunning flora, geology, rainforests and views.
If you are not a photographer but wish to visit locations where the larger tour vehicles don't go  you are mostwelcome to join us.

Our prices cover the basics which include:


  • transport and return to an agreed pickup point.

  • access by 6 seater tour vehicle.

  • photography tuition or support


Meet or Pickup point:

 Pick you up from Katoomba's railway station 

Or Transport to the mountains from Sydney

The trains run every hour from Sydney's Central Station and provide a relaxing journey to Katoomba with excellent views of the Blue Mountains for around   AU $7:00 
An alternative option is to pick you up from your hotel if staying in the Sydney CBD. This is not part of the basic price and prices will be adjusted to suit. 

Price: $150.00 pp

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains